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The story of Rowan Landscape & Pools starts with our founder and president, Timothy Rowan, and his passion for horticulture, which he nurtured from a young age in a greenhouse that his father built for him.

Tim continued this passion well into his teens, and picked up a new one along the way too, namely, wrestling. He wrestled throughout high school, which ended up getting him a wrestling scholarship from the University of MD. It’s here that he received his horticulture degree.

After leaving the University of MD, Tim became a horticulture teacher in Montgomery County, MD, and also ran a small landscaping company on the side. This is where the Rowan Landscape Company was born. Tim soon stopped teaching and put all of his time into the business to help it grow. Alongside Tim throughout this process was his wife Beth.  Together, as a young couple, they worked tirelessly growing Rowan Landscape & Pools into what it is today. They educated themselves, making the necessary sacrifices. The outcome has been a fully-developed and respected landscape and pool business.

Rowan have been building pools for over 35 years now, artfully combining landscaping and horticultural skills to create truly awe-inspiring spaces.

Tim Rowan doesn’t do it without extra help, of course. Today, he has a full team behind him, including: Beth Rowan, 3D designer and visual expert; Kari Whitehead, Tim’s daughter and office manager; Randy Whitehead, Tim’s son-in-law and project supervisor; and Timmy Rowan, swimming pool installation supervisor. Together, they make dreams become realities. With each project we install, our family name is attached.  We take pride in this and our projects reflect that.

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